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What is Babylon System and Six Ways how it is affecting you Now!

The term Babylon System originated from Jamaica to describe corrupt or authoritarian the state, or the state system. Also the police, as they are the agents of the threat of force that the state derives it's power from. It symbolizes a protest against the oppression from The System, which had made the use of natural things illegal. In General - it is a Police State.

Water & Food

Find out how The Babylon System is changing your Health using Water & Food


Find out the truth behind global warming and why Babylon System Loves it


Find out how and in whose interests are working main mindset publishers of The Babylon System


Find out how rat circle created by the Babylon System can place you home-less one day


Find out what you can do today to escape the trap of Globalists and not become a victim of modern slavery


Be sure that after Babylon system is spending Billions on it's programs worldwide - your Life is under full Big Brothers Control

What does the term Babylon System Relates to?

The Term Babylon started with a rise of a famous Jamaican Singer - a Prophet for many - Bob Marley and so remains as an important Rastafarian term, referring to human government and institutions that are seen as in rebellion against the rule of Jah (God), since the very beginning with the Tower of Babel.

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The story of the Tower of Babel comes from the Bible, specifically, Genesis 11:4-9. It describes an attempt by Noah's descendants to build a giant tower that would reach to heaven. God interrupted the project not just by destruction of the people and the project, but also, by causing the builders to begin speaking different languages.

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