Let's look at what the big media writes about the situation in the United States. So yahoo compares this year's Labor Day statistics with last year's - it's Labor Day, just like May 1 for us.

And it finds that currently the number of daily virus cases this week after the event is 4 times higher than it was at the same time last year. Mortality is now twice as high as it was a year ago. These are data from Hopkins University.

The following are the official figures: 40 million covid 'cases' have been registered in the United States since the start of the plan, and 4 million of them last month alone.

Health officials blame the Delta option, of course. The 316% increase in morbidity compared to last year is also due to the fact that many refuse to be vaccinated.

The number of hospital admissions is also 157% higher than a year ago. As a result, they are approaching a critical level and the staff has been emaciated and weakened. This is especially true in intensive care units, where doctors will soon have to make life-critical decisions.

Dr. Fauci, who is constantly lying to Congress, is pouring oil back on the fire - we are close, he warns. Very difficult decisions will have to be made soon.

CDC director Rochelle Walensky has warned non-injected Americans not to travel, and recommends wearing masks for injected Americans, while saying that the rapid spread of the virus is already threatening them as well.

So hospitals are overcrowded, staff are tired - a crash is approaching. But let us remember one thing - last year the same nurses and doctors who fought the terrible virus were praised as heroes - when there was no vaccine. They are now being laid off en masse if they give up. During which pandemic does it happen that professionals are fired in order to then lament their lack?

But the most important difference between last year in the United States and elsewhere in the world, where it is now much worse, is that then there were no vaccines, but now they are. In the United States, most have already received it, according to official figures, at 53%, who are fully injected - and this is only for the time being, given Israel's experience, where a third is needed.

So, assuming that half of the country is injected, the situation is several times worse than it was a year ago without any injections. And autumn is just beginning.