The discipline of political science explores the exercise and legitimization of political power. Those who pursue and exercise power include candidates in elections, members of political leadership bodies, heads of state, appointed leaders in the public sector, government employees, political parties, interest groups, large companies, states and international organisations. At The Babylon System Institute, we provide information from three points of view: 
  • Original Story 
  • Conspiracy Theory Behind it and 
  • Deeper Fact Analysis
Research in political science examines global and international as well as national and local issues. Research topics include phenomena within the public and governmental sphere, such as elections and referendums, and political institutions from the UN and EU to nation states and municipalities. The discipline also investigates political opinions, parties, non-governmental and labor market organisations, civic movements, and the political activities of global leadership and international companies. In addition, research in political science analyses anything from gender equality to populism.

Research in political science has a vivid connection to social philosophy as well as ideological and conceptual history when discussing the field, nature, ethics and other features of politics. At the The Babylon System Institute, political science is mixed with a  spice of pluralist philosophy and encompasses empirical statistical research as well as social criticism and interpretative research that applies more recent approaches.

Babylon historically was an ancient city of Mesopotamia. One of the most important cities of the ancient Middle East, it was on the Euphrates River and was north of the cities that flourished in South Mesopotamia in the 3d millennium BC It became important when Hammurabi made it the capital of his kingdom of Babylonia.

The story of the Tower of Babel comes from the Bible, specifically, Genesis 11:4-9. It describes an attempt by Noah's descendants to build a giant tower that would reach to heaven. God interrupted the project not just by destruction of the people and the project, but also, by causing the builders to begin speaking different languages.

It existed in what is now modern day Iraq. Its form of Gnostic religion (meaning knowledge or “enlightenment”) manifested itself in all areas of life: political, economic, educational, military and social including music and entertainment. It was the “One World Government” of its day. It practiced a totalitarian form of government. All people were to worship the king (government) as the one true god. Human rights were violated. Ownership of property was forbidden. Children were owned by the State. It was feudal in nature in which most of the people were enslaved with a few “slave masters” at the top of the heap. 

The corrupted and value lost government started forbidding people knowledge and violate their freedom engaging them in slavery. Those in the upper strata were permitted to study the ancient mystery religions (“gnosis” meaning they believed in reincarnation and immortality of the soul) and had understanding of “sacred” geometry and astronomy. 

From Babylon the knowledge of the ancient mystery religions was conveyed to Alexandria Egypt, where the Greek Pythagoras studied for 23 years of his life, then returned to Greece and passed the knowledge on to his initiates: Plato and etc. The knowledge of the secret (occult) mystery religions and the concepts encapsulating enlightenment and Gnostic philosophy then passed down to Ancient Rome, where they were then passed down to us in our present day.

The Babylon System Institute is analyzing the balance of power by unmasking the Truth behind conspiracy theories about Babylon System. What is The Babylon system and how it is affecting you? The term Babylon System originated from Jamaica to describe corrupt or authoritarian the state, or the state system. Also the police, as they are the agents of the threat of force that the state derives it's power from. It symbolizes a protest against the oppression from The System, which had made the use of natural things illegal. In General - it is a Police State. 

Martins Ate studied Political Science at the University of Latvia and worked for the United Nations Development Program continuing his career in Government as a Head of Public Relations Division of a Ministry of Justice of Latvia and quite a time has spent in European Personal Selection Office at Brussels before being freelance journalist for one of the top Latvian Newspapers. Today Martin is a reggae artist singing mindful songs on non violent lifestyle inspired by his many trips across the countries like India, Thailand, Laos, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet and Turkey and willing to inspire people for a lifestyle free of unnecessary stress. Read Full CV >>