There are sufficiently well-argued versions of the fact that the saga of HIV and AIDS, or the so-called crisis in the 1980s, was also the same affair as today's cowgirl show. All the more so because the same people were involved then as they are now.

And, of course, this is Dr. Fauci, who is already known to almost everyone. Even then, as a rising star in national health bureaucracy, he spread the same false theory that children could spread this terrible disease to their families through close contact.

Even then, the media spread the story further and it caused a great deal of panic in society, which cannot be compared to today, as there were no social networks then and the media did not have the power it has today. But it could serve as a good demo version of what they launched now.

Fauxi raised this version of the then recently discovered immunodeficiency syndrome on May 6, 1983, and it was published in the JAMA Network magazine, which is distributed monthly by the American Medical Association.

In that article, he noted that the first immunodeficiency syndrome had been reported in an infant, and that this could mean that daily close contact with the family could spread the disease.

"Scientists believe it spreads through sexual contact and blood transfusions. However, if transmission outside these aspects is possible, then the spread of this syndrome may become unthinkable - speculates Fauci. Then AIDS takes on a completely different dimension.

This was followed by media attention, which proclaimed this theory and Faux himself as the main researcher on these issues, as is now the case in the United States with regard to the viral affair. An article entitled "Household Contact Can Transmit AIDS" appeared and the other media began to do their job of creating fear PR with relevant headlines. Moreover, there were advertisements on TV at the time, where people were directly intimidated by HIV as a black and terrible death. Doesn't that remind us of today?

This theory was and is absolutely false, it was soon overturned, and no matter what is known about AIDS and what it is or is not, at least the official version to this day recognizes that infection is only possible through body fluids. As recently as there were posters on the streets of Riga - embrace me, I am not dangerous. I wonder where they stayed when the covid hysteria started, when they had to advertise the exact opposite - run away from everyone, because everyone is dangerous?

But hysteria was rife in society. Hundreds of media republished Fauch's theory, and all this created a completely unfounded but very effective technology of public manipulation.

Drawing parallels with today, we see that Fauci and the media use the same technology in the United States, and the same is happening everywhere else in the world, only this time the scale is global and grand.

All those interested in the affair are experienced speculators and businessmen who have worked their methods on human fraud and hysteria on several occasions, both for HIV and swine flu. Dr. Fauci himself has a direct interest in increasing the rate of vaccination, because, according to the report, he receives interest on it, because the institute he runs is partly owned by the Moderna injection patent. Both PCR inventor Kary Mullis in the 1990s and today's infection experts like Steven Hatfill and Congressman Rand Paul accuse him of deliberate bureaucracy and creating barriers to all other methods that could treat patients. But the bureaucracy is so strong that the doctor is inviolable today, as are Clinton, Bush, Obama and other criminal clans.

So a little look back at the recent past is always helpful in understanding what they plan for tomorrow.