Once upon a time there was a country like Cuba, where Fidel Castro came to power after the socialist revolution and this country was called the island of freedom because it had beaten the US imperialists. Of course, the Western world burdened them with sanctions, which is why Cuba had very close ties with the USSR - many also know about the famous Cuban missile crisis, when World War III almost broke out.

It is also known that the US special services tried to remove Castro more than 600 times with the most unimaginable methods, but he survived countless US presidents and left this world undefeated. This was Cuba once, and although formally the communist regime is still there, it is something else entirely.

And now Cuba is becoming the first country in the world to start injecting children in the age group of 2-12 years. The former Freedom Island, with a population of 11.2 million, started it on September 3, including this group. The first city where it started is Cienfuegos with 400 thousand. What is happening in Cuba in general - almost all schools have been closed there since the beginning of the plan strike in March last year. It is reported by the French 24 media

They opened for a while at the end of last year, but then closed again in January. The new school year began earlier this week. Thanks to the control of the strictray regime and the poor access to the Internet, the training takes place on TV. And this is expected to be the case for several more months, and in this way children are subjected to government propaganda.

And it says that the only way to get back to school is to submit to a vaccine. This was followed by a statement that when this mass campaign is successful and all children are squirted, schools will be able to open sometime in October. The next countries that plan to do the same are Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates and China. It should also be noted that the vaccines used in Cuba will be locally produced and have not even been approved by the WHO.

It is gradually getting to the youngest and all that is left is a syringe at birth to make the globalist plan a reality.