Are we waiting for even more interesting and shocking discoveries about the so-called virus, syringes and everything that happens in the human body in this regard? Probably because another study or a version of why many people have this disease in a particularly severe form has just appeared.

And the hypothesis is that these are exactly the antibodies that the body produces to supposedly fight it. It comes from China and there is talk that at least two types of antibodies that respond to peak protein, which, incidentally, were also found to be toxic in another study a few months ago at Salk University, are actually pathogens themselves. yourself. Respectively, these antibodies are themselves capable of causing the disease.

It's hard to imagine that antibodies - the body's best fighter against infections - can be pathogenic - but that's exactly what happens in autoimmune diseases. Antibodies that the body develops to deal with invaders then attack the body's own tissues, with catastrophic consequences.

As early as the beginning of 2020, Japanese researchers discovered that many kovid deaths were caused by an immune response. There was also a study published in the journal Inflammation and Regeneration in which scientists call it a storm of cytokines that take over an organism, which is one of the reasons why people die as if from a virus.

But this Chinese study shows that the real culprit may be another element of the immune system. And, of course, the most important thing here is that the existing vaccines are intended for the body to start producing these antibodies. These are all approved vaccines, and if this version is correct, then we are faced with another terrible secret that may be revealed - but perhaps it has been happening for a long time. It is not for nothing that so many censored doctors warn of this possible catastrophe.

And the data from all sides show that no one knows anything about them, or on the contrary, has long known and everything happens intentionally - simply the truth is gradually revealed to the public about what is happening to them and what the reaction will be in the body.

A Chinese study says that these antibodies, caused by a virus or peak protein, can attack the body itself. They tested this version by identifying 7 different antibodies. And it was found that two of them attach directly to damaged lung cells - but one way even healthy. These antibodies were injected into healthy pregnant mice to see what would happen there. And what happened was that the same antibodies did the same damage to them and even to the baby's lung cells. What's more, this antibody called REGN10987 killed half of them.

This is a very worrying discovery, says Zoey O’Toole, a poet security specialist after reading the job. This should put everyone on a break, especially pregnant women.

The question is why most do not even feel any symptoms, but some die after several weeks, when the virus supposedly needs to be cleansed, but another part is the so-called chronic fighters, which show damage to various organs, which has nothing to do with the virus. shouldn't be?

Now it may turn out that the virus is not at all to blame, but the body itself and these antibodies and autoimmune disease. And if it may not have been so prevalent in a natural way, then with the vaccine program it is something else entirely. Such conditions and the possibility that vaccines can cause autoimmune diseases and kill people en masse have not been considered by any official scientist, let alone the manufacturers of the substance. Of course, that's right, officially - because they already know it very well. It's not talked about - only the 'conspirators' warn about it. So injecting this peak protein so that it stimulates antibodies on paper seems like a great idea.

But now there are problems - both the peak protein and at least some of its stimulated antibodies have been found to be toxic. As a result, it is becoming increasingly apparent how terribly rushed these vaccines are and that faith in science can play a bear service with consequences that are hard to imagine.

Unless it's a plan from the start. But that's something else.