After Israeli data clearly shows that the mass vaccination campaign has failed and two doses of Pfizer do not help, they are doing what was previously expected.

Now, 'health officials' are demanding that everyone be injected again, even contrary to WHO indications that a third dose is not really needed. At first they were people over 60 from August 1, then it was in the age group of 30-60, but now they are all aged 12 years. Moreover, the government has announced that those who refuse the third vaccine will lose the privileges of their certificate from October.

So, from October 1, a new system is introduced, where the validity of the virus passport expires 6 months after receiving the second dose and that is not all - also 6 months after the third dose…

In other words, whoever refuses each subsequent dose automatically becomes an ‘antiviral agent’.

It was on Sunday when Israel extended the third dose to 12-year-olds. But from October 1, millions of Israeli children will return to where they were in the beginning - unless they agree with another syringe and the prospect of one every next 6 months. The cards are on the table.

Here it is - Orwell's program, which provides for the 'de-personalization' of a person if he does not squirt every month. He is then again barred from appearing in places where this certificate is required - gyms, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, etc. In addition, face masks should be worn anyway. But that's not all - the one who refuses the third syringe will be quarantined for a week after returning from abroad.

Everything? No, the recipient of the third vaccine must also spend 24 hours in self-isolation if he arrives from a higher risk area and also has to take a test. Israeli PM Naftali Bennett is the main propagandist for the experiment, who has said that everyone without a third syringe is in danger of death, especially the elderly.

Since Israel has only recently been hailed as a key success story for injections, it is likely that other countries in the world will follow suit immediately, will they not?