What happened on that date 20 years ago? September 11, 2001 is probably remembered by everyone who was of a certain age at the time, because their event was broadcast on all world television and it seemed a complete shock to everyone at that time.

We may not remember anything that happened in the usual days 20 years ago, 10 or even last year, unless it is related to a bright event and therefore everyone who saw it will definitely remember where we were at that moment. So today is the anniversary of that event. And the main thing is not the event itself and how it happened, but the consequences and who needed this event. And the fact that it has a direct bearing on what is happening right now. One might think that connects these events, but an attentive person will notice that these events are two acts of one performance.

Let's look at some coincidences to understand this. As it was then and as it is now - what processes were started after 9/11 and what are today.

Media hysteria.

Since March last year, they have been preoccupied only with cowds, and their initial predictions of the horrific mortality and simulations of Imperial College London, which have shattered so many national economies, proved to be a complete bluff. However, this does not prevent the resumption of the third wave of propaganda. threats and then offered a solution in the form of increased power control. Today, everything is identical and follows the same scenario - danger levels, emergencies and, of course, the power's concern for your safety. Even the Alpha and Delta levels were there back then. Ak jel.

The government's reaction is killing more people than the event itself.

In both cases, that is exactly what the official version killed was 3,000 Americans, but it gave rise to a global war on 'terrorism', which killed millions in the Middle East, including US soldiers themselves. And the whole event ended with 20 years, trillions of dollars being spent arming the Taliban and giving them aviation.

Since the start of Kovidshow, millions of people have been plunged into despair, depression, unemployment, and many studies show that many more people will be killed as a result of these unavailable medical and canceled surgeries than they have saved. In Australia, many more commit suicide than dying from the virus, even officially.

No coincidence investigations.

The 9/11 theaters feature a series of strange coincidences that have never been investigated and are still hidden, such as terrorist passports that do not collapse, the third collapsed skyscraper, the take-off of aircraft fighters from a nearby airfield, the absence of a plane in the Pentagon, and much more. blasting both towers. Its topics are still considered ‘conspiracy’

Equally interesting in Kovichshow is a visit to Fauch's Wuhan lab in 2015, a $ 7.4 million transfer of bioweapons, pre-planned simulations and accurate prophecies from Bill and many others, including the same Fauch's 2017 promise that there will definitely be a pandemic.

Introduction of a new paradigm.

War on terror and war on bioterror. For some time now, a new concept such as biosecurity has been gradually introduced, where the new enemy is an invisible virus this time. If at that time they were terrorists and Bin Laden, who was a rather mystical figure, then today enemies and terrorists are actually declared muzzle opponents and so will the unvaccinated. However, both of these paradigms are united by the fact that the enemy lies around every corner, no one is safe and therefore only the government is able to fight it, constantly watching us. And now there is a tendency to declare people who have not been injected as threats - there were external, now internal terrorists.

Lying official versions.

In both operations, they have more holes than Swiss cheese. On 9/11 we had to believe that terrorists were able to enter buildings, maneuvering in a way that even very experienced pilots could not, and that day the laws of physics were repealed and planes went through glass, concrete and all structures collapsed from temperatures that could not melt. along their length.

Today, we must believe that the virus is literally everywhere, that it is carried by money, that it lives on the surface for weeks, that it has a clock, a calendar and a ruler, and that it lives in an asymptomatic transmission that no virus has known before. But it is not isolated and no one can present live virus samples and operations with them.

Everything is known in advance.

Why did the BBC report that the third building was collapsing 30 minutes before it happened? Why did San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and Salmon Ruddy receive calls not to board these planes?

And why the Chinese government conducted a corona virus epidemic exercise 30 days before the Wuhan military games, just as the US government did in various simulation scenarios, including Event 201?

Prior to 9/11, there were 28 exercises on how to deal with hijacked planes flying to important buildings in New York.

Before Kovidshow, it's exactly the same - from Operation Dark Winter in 2001 to Event 201 in 2019, the number is significant. And the result is identical - the practiced event just happens!

Suspicious goodies for some mighty ones.

Isn’t it interesting how the big players just benefit from such events? In the 9/11 era, the defense company Halliburton, gas and oil companies invested in Afghanistan.

Now, during the Kovidshow, billionaires are growing like mushrooms and have increased their wealth by 27% in 2020 alone - in both cases, the already rich and powerful are becoming even richer and more powerful.

The information is controlled by the agencies.

Such artificial crises allow private companies involved in military intelligence to access much more data. 9/11 was good business for such companies. Palantir, now based under the auspices of the CIA, maintains databases for both the CDC in the US and the NHS in England, both of which are the basis for today's decision-making.

An invisible but powerful and cunning enemy.

Both Al-Qaeda and the Kovid are an abstract concept and cannot be grasped on a daily basis, it is difficult to stop, it takes a lot of time, money and it is a completely new type of enemy. Asymmetric warfare and asymptomatic carriers. We are told that other corona viruses behave seasonally and predictably, but covids do not. Bin Laden looked different in each video, he had more lives and opportunities than a cat, but in the end we just had to believe that he was killed and thrown into the sea - there is no evidence of all this. Compare this to this virus, which has never been isolated and purified by a scientific method. But such is the case. And all. Just like there was Bin Laden and then suddenly there wasn't.

The science of nonsense.

The science of most forensics today has become a tool in the hands of money bags to serve their ideas. There are a lot of intellectual prostitutes who will find the result they are paid for. Both of these operations are identical in that they use absurd science. Both the 9/11 group of professional architects, engineers and pilots announced that it was an ignorance of the laws of affair and physics, and so did professional doctors, professors and epidemiologists during the cowgow show about why the virus is an affair and does not work. neither masks nor curves and that the media lie without myth. And in both cases, it is identical that their research and statements are simply ignored by the media and their hosts.

Draconian censorship.

Here, too, everything is the same. Both operations are accompanied by concealment of evidence and censorship of opinions. Social networks delete accounts to the right and left if they do not follow the WHO guidelines for Bill's Pocket Company. It was the same with 9/11, when anyone who questioned it was called a conspiracy. At the time, Bush Jr. called "not to suffer the conspirators talking about 9/11" and today those who do not wear masks and the squirt threaten national security.

Humiliation of skeptics.

The term has become something like a weapon - it is used against all those who do not buy into government mystifications, such as the climate affair, 9/11 as a special services operation or the current coward. If at that time it was unpatriotic, at least in the United States, to dislike Bin Laden, then today society is threatened by those who do not pull their muzzles.

Introduction of new bureaucracy and security measures.

This is the most important thing: in both cases, completely new human rights laws were introduced. After 9/11, Homeland Security was established in the United States - in a few years it has grown into one of the largest federal agencies, spending tens of billions of taxpayers' money each year. There wasn't even such a term before. New forms of control were introduced at airports and workplaces, chips, ID cards, and all this has not been abolished - it has become the norm. Now follows a cowboy with even more draconian restrictions, cowboy passports and digital IDs. And now centralized management around the world is already planned.

Psychological rituals.

9/11 was a very ritual event - there is both numerology and connection with Masonic symbolism. Also, the cowgirl includes various phases of alchemy for the creation of a new normal - muzzle, constant washing of hands, purification through isolation, embedding of non-existent threats in consciousness, personality changes and much more. However, the similarity and task of both these rituals was and is identical - to paralyze and traumatize society with fear, to break away from the usual functioning environment, to break and force a new norm as everyday.

To understand how this New Order works and its operations, which are all different stages of one plan, one must be able to put it all together. It is all based on people's ignorance, lower instincts, fears and stress, so that they accept what power needs and give up the right to decide for themselves their lives and daily lives. But when the awakened society sees through it, this mist disappears.