Interesting things are happening at the FDA - US Medicines Agency. There, two very high-ranking officials have simultaneously announced their resignations. They have experienced these positions for several decades and have also led many mass vaccination programs.

But now something has happened and it seems that even their patience is full. Their resignation statement gives a reason, which in a sense seems a bit of a surprise, because there is talk of the White House. A conspiracy by the CDC and the UN that excludes the FDA from vaccine approval decisions, bypassing regulatory authority and pushing vaccines for political reasons with no scientific basis.

The current FDA Director, Woodcock, with such an amusing name, is the one who approved the substance, or Pfizer, for normal use, and thus committed this violation by bypassing the normal regulatory process. Violations of the Baiden regime and relevant organizations appear to be so great that it is far too great for even such senior FDA officials and vaccine lawyers.

And so did Dr. Marion Gruber, who was the director of the FDA Vaccine Bureau and Dr. Philip Krause, her deputy, have both resigned, accusing the White House and the CDC of inflicting a third dose for which there is no relevant data. Mariona is a veteran with 32 years of experience overseeing various vaccination programs and will retire in early October, and Philip with a ten-year internship in November. According to the relevant media, this decision is shocking and comes at the very moment when the agency should consider the need for a third vaccine. However, Baltais Nams has already jumped over it and meant that the third syringe will be available from September 20. This could then also be the reason given by both of these officials for their departure.

The reaction from colleagues looks dramatic, as both were global personalities in this system. Leaders of other organizations say similarly that this is a huge loss.

However, it is very likely that they simply do not want to be involved in these processes, knowing that there are still trials in these cases and that many scientists and doctors who took part in experiments in concentration camps were tried at the Nuremberg tribunal. But they, too, believed in science and did everything for public safety.

But there comes a time when this excuse can no longer protect criminals.