Is the flu gone? Not at all - Moderna has started regular experiments with mRNA technology on humans. Now they are testing the flu injection.

The whole planet as a Pharma experiment - despite the fact that the effects of the current mass injection are the worst seen in the entire history of vaccines, they are considered successful and therefore the Farm continues to work - how to punish them but no one can punish them.

That is why they have decided to start producing other injections based on this technology for other diseases. For example, the flu. Although there are also enough different vaccines against influenza that do not help against it, Pharmaceutical companies are in a hurry to introduce this, mRNA technology.

Modern is also not the first to start testing an influenza substance - this summer it has already been started by two other Pharmaceutical companies, Sanofi and Translate Bio. Pfizer and BioNtech plan to do the same.

Moderna, one of the bosses Stephane Bancel, announced that their vision is to create a combined injection, which will be able to protect against several major infectious diseases. Respectively, Modern plans have a substance that will help against kovid and flu at the same time.

And so again, more people are being involved in the experiments, while the existing vaccines continue to cause more and more side effects and fatalities. The new miracle vaccine is called mRNA-1010 and is being tested in 180 people in the United States. This technology will now be the future of medicine - Farma rejoices. They can be understood because this technology does not require proof of the actual existence of a virus in order to develop a real vaccine against it. Moderna developed this substance in 48 hours, having just received a 'decoded genome' or computer simulation from China.

If in normal science until now it was necessary to isolate, purify, replicate and cultivate a real, live virus, which was at the same time proof that such a pathogen exists at all and is able to infect, then now it is not even necessary. That is why there is no discussion anywhere in the world about where the real example or isolate of this kovid virus really is.

Understandably, this is not necessary at all and mRNA technology can be used to make 'vaccines' against any fancy viruses and diseases - which is why Moderna is also planning a vaccine against HIV.