It may sound strange, but the first country in the world where global vaccinators, in collaboration with public health services, are introducing contactless biometrics to human control is not a rich Western country and not even China, where the social credit system is already in full swing. But it is Ghana.

It is in this small African country that the GAVI Alliance, curated by Bill in October this year, is implementing such a technology developed by Simprints. Starting here, starting with the eastern region of Ghana, a national vaccination scheme using contactless biometrics will be introduced.

Further, after the Covid injections, it is planned that this system will include other vaccines provided for in Ghana's health service plans. The Gavi or vaccine alliance introduces traceable vaccine status using this technology, which connects to a global network. After various experiments with contactless fingerprints and face recognition programs, the system will use ordinary Android phones, which makes its use widely available. It does not need an existing identity document. A biometric identity will be created for everyone and a database will also be available on the patients' phones, which will also work offline and the spraying can continue, but then it will charge when connected. In this way, they hope to make this system effective for a wide population.

For the second dose, the individual's biometrics will be verified and checked for availability, after which the data will be updated. Simprint is already working with Ghana's Health Service to introduce a larger biometric scheme across the country's healthcare system. Gavi says in his report that a thousand employees with special training will be used to use the system.

Well, you might be wondering what kind of thing is being introduced in Ghana. But globalists always have some kind of demo projects, which they organize in each country separately, because it is not possible to implement everything at once - you have to try how it works first. Therefore, from 2023, Sweden will be the first country in the world without cash, China will have a social credit system, but Ghana will have a biometric vaccination and so on. Of course, their plans are to implement it all over the world. It is up to each society to react to this system of slaves.