Back in June, Pfizer boss Albert Bourla was convinced of the effectiveness of his company's syringe against the new Delta variant. A few weeks later, Pfizer announced that it would begin the authorization request process for the third dose, as it would show greater protection with it in the first test phases.

At the end of July, Pfizer released data showing that the efficiency of their syringe drops to 84% after 4-6 months. According to the news, the company's boss began to advertise the third dose, saying that it would help boost immunity. But there is a small problem with it all - the company still has no data that such statements are true. There are no clinical trial results confirming the action of the third dose against the Delta variant, which currently accounts for 93% of all cases in the United States.

The clinical phase of the third dose was started only in mid-July and will end next year. And even in that whole corrupt system, some data from this phase is needed before any approval can be given.

We're sure this vaccine and the third dose are working, but you have to remember that efficacy studies are still ongoing, so we need all the evidence to support that, says Jerica Pitts, Pfizer's director of global media relations. The financial stakes are huge - the company has announced an expected profit of $ 35.5 billion from these injections, and that's only this year. But in Israel, the third dose is already being injected without any data.

In addition, Pfizer announced something else - that the third dose will not help against Delta and other options, then it will develop a special syringe for them within 100 days.

Against the background of the general threat of forced spraying, such statements from the companies themselves are more than interesting, and they do not even seem to be heard by national politicians or relevant 'experts'. How can you boost booster vaccines at the same time if there is no data on their meaning and tell you about the development of another vaccine, if that doesn't work? Whether to inject something like that will be seen, helps or not - today's Farma science has reached such an absurdity.

This is recognized even by official doctors, as Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Philadelphia Children's Hospital and an advisor to the FDA. It's embarrassing that the pharmaceutical industry is in a hurry to recommend booster vaccines to the public - even if they were safe, such decisions are not within the industry's remit, it's the CDC's job - says the doctor himself, who works at the Farm.

Although Pfizer and Biontech have already announced the launch of another version of the vaccine specifically for Delta, it is not clear at this time what needs to be done at all. This is due to the fact that there are two reasons why existing vaccines do not work - if it is only due to a decrease in antibodies, then they need to be supplemented with a third, fourth and unknown dose, but if the virus mutates into something else and the existing antibodies no longer work. this is another topic. And the official science of pharmacy does not know it at the moment, or pretends not to know if they already have a plan for what to do next. Here we are talking only about the 'official' versions and announcements.