Dear friends! We are approaching the moment when the fate of humanity is truly deciding. For hundreds of years, globalists have been trying to find a way to unite the whole world under their power and force all people to obey it. And now they are very close to it.

This idea in general comes from prehistoric times - read the Old Testament and you will see that the real messiah of the Jews there is not Christ, who is not recognized in Orthodox Judaism, but someone who will unite and rule the whole world under one religion and law. Therefore, the Messiah has not yet come to them, but all this time preparations are being made for the introduction of such a common world order.

This is especially true in the last century, when a number of huge globalist structures were created, the UN, the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the WHO and many others. Including the EU. But that's not enough, because it's all just been a preparation for something much bigger.

And it's happening right now. Many still cannot believe that a grand transformation of the world is taking place, the dismantling of all existing systems, the erasure of humanity and the 'superfluous eaters' themselves, and that is very gently said. In addition, all of these plans are openly displayed, written, and visible.

Throughout these centuries, humanity has been increasingly dependent on the system, but more and more power is concentrated in the hands of globalists. Moreover, their power takes a different form, not direct legislation, but skillful management of various global processes, planned for decades to come. Historically, the Vatican is an example of such government - it has no real power or army - but in the Middle Ages it had absolute power over any European king and process - without the 'blessing' of the Holy See no geopolitical process could take place, but the Crusades and expansions united all under one faith and mission. Excommunication, on the other hand, was the worst thing that could happen to a ruler. The Order of Temples is another example of supranational government, and so are all other secret and less secret orders and fraternities. Today, governance is the same - who pays, orders the music and the peoples have, unfortunately, little to say in their lives.

So much for history, but now is the time when this whole system of government wants to take control of the whole planet. What happened in the last year and a half is the last stage in a grand plan called the Great Reset. Kovidshov's hysteria, self-injection and terror were meant to break down national borders, democracy and human rights. All this hinders the establishment of a single world government. A report on this was already in May this year, when an 'independent' WHO-paid organization came up with clear language: the constitutions of nation states and human rights are hampering the 'fight' of global crises.

The next steps are the preparation of a so-called international agreement on pandemics, which can be read on the EU website. It provides a much broader mandate for globalists, including the WHO, to react together, and here we can read very strange terms - the 'one health' approach, which links human and animal health. This is how? Will everyone be connected to 5g, chipped or Internet of Things?

But in its true essence, this agreement is a global conspiracy that has already been signed by 24 countries. But it is not publicly available, there is no discussion about it and of course it will never be shown to the public, maybe only at the very last minute.

Once it is signed, it is certain that it already exists. But the reason for this is to be alarmed. This means that at the moment of signing, the constitutions of all countries and also the existing international treaties, such as the Nuremberg Code or the Oviedo Convention, cease to exist. It cannot be said that someone already pays special attention to them. But at least in theory they work. But this agreement will obviously take precedence over it all, and it will give these organizations unlimited power over everything - in reference to the 'global good'. and everything else.

And you will see that this agreement will not be discussed publicly anywhere, the local regime will simply sign it and the consequences will take effect without us knowing anything about it. As long as people allow it, if they do nothing, if they do not demand openness and if there is silence about it, then humanity is pushed into feudalism. Of course, the power of these cartels is illusory and has no real power. That is why they do everything this way, in secret. Unfortunately, they know human nature very well and are able to drive fear and obedience. The project is currently scheduled for November this year, when the globalist servants collapse againdoor together.

We can be sure that in the meantime, they will organize a third wave and a total arc to announce to the world against this background that they have accepted this plan, because each individual country is not coping with 'šmovid'. The process of preparation for a thousand years is over and humanity is faced with the choice to understand and fight for freedom, or to decide for itself the status of a sheep for slaughter.