Literally just a few days ago, a study was published that is essentially both sensational and self-evident to those who understand something at all.

This is another study from a 'success story' called Israel, which has made it possible to compare the effectiveness of natural immunity with what is artificially created from 'vaccines'. point for the whole fraudulent affair with syringes and the spraying of the whole of society.

What does Sciencemag write?

The natural immunity that results from being contracted with kovid is significantly better protection against the Delta variant than two doses of Pfizer. This is confirmed by a significant Israeli study. This suggests that people with pre-existing conditions are much less likely to catch the new mutant and have far fewer symptoms if it does.

The study confirms the strength of the human immune system, which has so far been denied and even deleted by both the WHO and local Rebaltika. Of course, the various 'experts' are still trying to claim that this and other syringes are still protecting against serious illness, even though all this dogma is tangled in Israel. Now that this study has been published, the big press and Bloomberg are writing about it. There should be no 'infection parties' - this article also notes, citing a professor at Rockefeller University. But this university did not participate in this study this time.

But those who did write about the fact that, with regard to Pfizer syringes, those who have been infected and received a single dose are better protected than those who have not received that single dose. Now the question arises as to what to do with those who are ill, whether they need two doses at all, if they decide to squirt, or whether one is enough - again, another misunderstanding. Because the virus passports state that both doses must be for everyone, but another group of people with different conditions appear here.

But all this is secondary - it is still a study of official science and it always supports Farm. However, these results in themselves are shocking enough for all those who advocate the syringe as the only way to avoid getting sick. Israel is a grand experiment and it shows something completely different. Tens of thousands of medical records were studied here between June 1 and August 14, and it is the world's largest statement of its kind on what it looks like and what it looks like.

And as Charlote Thalin, a professor at the Karolinska Institute, admits, it is a guide to the fact that natural immunity is better than vaccinated. She admits that this is the first time this has been proven in connection with kovid. Of course, she also emphasizes that deliberate attempts to infect can pose great risks.

But in absolute terms, the study looks like this - people who were vaccinated in January and February, arriving in June, July and the first half of August, respectively, are 6 to 13 times more likely to become infected than those who have not been vaccinated at all, but have become ill. In turn, the study of 32 thousand, it was concluded that the risk of getting a symptomatic disease is 27 times higher for vaccinators and the chances of getting to the hospital with severe consequences are 8 times higher than for those who have acquired natural immunity. These are truly amazing numbers.

This is a huge difference - also notes Thalina. The only thing that could not be compared in this study is the mortality rates, because none of those involved have died yet. However, it is logical that the chances of dying are still much higher for those who are sick than for those who do not get sick, so here, too, it is unlikely that anything will be different when such a study appears.

In any case, the spear of this now will be broken for a long time, what is now right to do and what not to do. There will be a lot of speculation and chaos. But it has been heard in public and this is a very significant development, given the recent big media doubts about the usefulness of mass injection, Israel is increasingly showing that this experiment has failed there and that natural immunity is always better than any artificial one.

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Perhaps this is one of the deepest nails in the coffin of a viral affair. It returns everything to where it was - the only way to get collective immunity is to get sick, if it's really real, then the immune system will deal with it. In the worst case, those in the highest risk groups can be injected, as long as the vaccine is real and safe.

In addition, as it was known after the first wave, according to official information, in 80% of cases, people do not feel any symptoms at all. No one can even comprehend the billions of natural immunities in the world, everyone is just whining about squirting.

But for naturally healthy people, this is one small victory, but perhaps a very big one - we were right, as we were about everything during this affair. What's next? It is likely that regimes around the world will continue to push totalitarianism simply in the same way - for no reason and justification.