From the pressure of enthusiasm for the grandiose miraculous effectiveness and success of Israel to the next wave and arcade, how was it?

Pfizer kovid syringes are only 39% effective in Israel, where the Delta variant is dominant - this is what the big CNBC report says. It would be quite surprising to read it if someone had previously read and believed the claims of poise manufacturers about 92 and even 95% efficiency. These initial statements soon began to whip like a pierced balloon as soon as real-world data appeared - no matter how reliable it may be in this affair, let us follow purely the official versions. A little retrospective of how it was.

The first alarm calls started in March this year from South Africa, where it turned out that AstraZeneka did not really help against the B1351 variant. A few months later, another article appeared stating that the Pfizer vaccine against this option was also not very effective and was only 51%. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Sinovac's Chinese product was also free of antibodies after 6 months. This means that only half a year after a person has been injected, he no longer has any protection against who he was vaccinated for.

Thus, it is clear that the initial claims about the effectiveness of pouches are greatly exaggerated. However, this should come as no surprise if we know the Farma's regular tactics in these cases. They always do that - they exaggerate the benefits of the products, but obscure the side effects. Like any trader who has to smear their goods on the buyer. They conduct their clinical trials precisely to achieve the results they want. Has it really occurred to anyone how absurd it is at all for a manufacturer to test his product on its own terms, rather than an independent and unaffected body or laboratory? In addition, Farma always goes through all this, because the corruption of the system ensures that the Farma's tests are practically never tried to be repeated or tested in any other tests that would be independent and not interested in manipulation.

This is exactly what we are seeing in connection with the new miracles. The manufacturers used the panic and anxiety caused by the media to organize clinical trials in a hurry, the only purpose of which was to achieve the results they needed. And even a major media outlet like NyTimes wrote about it last September, citing a British medical journal - the tests of these pouches were never designed to find out the main thing - whether they protect against illness and severe form at all. We now see that this article was prophetic - there is no reason to believe that the declared efficacy is at least half of what was said at the beginning - even for the original virus, which is still not isolated. But well.

Needless to say, even today, the 39% mentioned are greatly exaggerated and will fall even more. Of course, everyone involved in the scam - manufacturers, politicians, regulators and the whole so-called medical 'establishment' or industry, including corporate scientists - does not want to be lying and is trying to save their skin. And although everything is already bad, even according to official data, we can be sure that in fact everything is much worse and it will soon come to light.

It is good to see how the big media are still trying to save the situation by claiming that although the effectiveness is low, vaccines are still protecting against serious illness. But they are also lies - because, as mentioned above, it was never a parameter of clinical trials and can be seen from the same Israeli data. At the same time as the announcement, the Israeli Ministry of Health published its report that 95 of the 137 serious cases had received both doses at that time. So the vast majority are exactly what the vaccine was supposed to protect from what made them hospitalized anyway.

From this it can only be concluded that all claims of effectiveness in any parameter are simply lies and the Israeli story of the fairy tale has turned into a nightmare. This is also confirmed by Dr. Kobi Haviv, a doctor at Hercog Hospital in Jerusalem in his interview. Given Israel's high vaccination rates, it must be concluded that they not only do not protect against the so-called virus, but also serve as an additional factor in getting seriously ill - or the vaccine itself is a disease. It will have to be taken into account by everyone and everywhere that the most vaccinated countries are currently on the CDC list of non-flying. Vaccines will allow you to travel? Believe more regimes and their lies.