Now that the futility of both the viral affair and pos, which can already be justified even by the data and statistics published in the official 'science' and the media itself, is clear enough, the question remains as to why conspiratorial regimes around the world are still trying at all costs. to achieve 90-100% squirting of the population?

What is why this pressure has been so desperate especially in the last month? While more and more people are realizing that this is by no means and cannot be linked to health concerns, the question of what is really causing this frenzy is of interest to many.

Of course, it's Resets and it's a QR code that controls where a person is - it's one important section and it's never been written about. But there is something else. It is not for nothing that so many real experts have warned about various harmful side effects and even one of the pioneers of mRNA technology, Robert Meloun, has started talking about it, who was immediately removed from the history of Wikipedia on this topic. But they all warn of autoimmune diseases and infertility.

Official media and globalist servant governments are constantly saying that there is no evidence that these injections are causing anything like this. But the opposite is true - there is no evidence that they are safe. It takes years to find out, and it is not for nothing that real vaccines have been tested for 10-15 years and contain a real, attenuated virus that proves that it exists in nature at all. There is none of that here. The composition of the vaccine was generated literally within hours of receiving a computerized sequence of the viral genome from China via the Internet - what is it at all? But it is publicly available and readable - that's what Moderna did in January, when many in the world had never even heard of such a virus. 48 hours and the pot is ready.

This leads to the crucial question, why do they want to get this substance in almost every person? Look at the globalist rhetoric on infertility. They categorically deny that these vaccines could cause it, but there are data nearby that the covid could do it. But what is the difference between whether a person's peak protein enters the body through infection if the virus were real and the fact that his body is instructed to produce it itself, which is mRNA technology? This small nuance then also hides a terrible secret.

At the same time, it answers the question of why everyone should be squirted. Quite simply, if that does not happen, then the unvoted are living testimony to this crime. It is quite clear that the Resets envisaged by Davos are not possible without a significant reduction in the population of the planet, and that is what all the same elites who now take care of our health are talking about without stopping. In addition to declaring total war and the destruction of the white race with all possible genderism and other ideologies, there must be another mechanism that realizes this. And it should look natural enough, so direct mortality from vaccines will not be this mechanism, although it is already becoming partially striking. But the diagnosis of autoimmune disease usually takes 4-5 years, but infertility can begin to be recorded within 6-12 months.

So if the world's population remains large enough in the coming years, it will be the same as the control group. These are the people untouched by the experiment. When the injected groups begin to show all of these symptoms, but the control group does not, it is a sure sign that the first group has been intentionally poisoned. That is why half of Americans and even larger groups in other countries still have such a control group today. And that is what the regimes are afraid of, so they are trying to demonize and terrorize these people who refuse to take part in this genocide.

And that is also why these groups have to endure and be proof of what globalists are doing to the planet. If they manage to spray all or almost all of them in the coming years, then there will be no more evidence, because then all the symptoms and mortality can be calmly written off to new variants of the virus. Then the white race dies and the Kalergi plan for a mixed race and Swabian biomass is implemented.

But if there are control groups, then Resets break down. That is why this war is against healthy people, because they are directly threatening the plans of globalists with their existence. Injections, beards and certificates are their weapon, but they only have a few years to realize it all, which is clearly understood by the same Swab and does not hide at all. Either now, or humanity is waking up and the whole plan they have cherished for centuries is collapsing.