With increasing pressure on those who want to stay healthy without forced government 'concerns' about health through injections, the situation needs to be shed light again. So that it is understandable even to the average person from a practical point of view. Why is this abnormal pressure?

The answer to such questions is very simple - apart from all the reasons why it is needed in the context of the big affair, about which there have already been countless articles, this time a little more down-to-earth. One has to ask a very simple question - who benefits from being here in the material world. If there is such discrimination, governments are ready for everything up to concentration camps and the complete exclusion of people from public services, then what forces them to do so?

The association of several interest groups is clearly visible here. It is governments, the media and the pharmaceutical industry, and so are global institutions. Each group has its own interests in why they do it. The Big Farm has the most direct economic interest - it makes a lot of money and it should be understandable to anyone who attracts them in this affair.

And what country? All this time, so many politicians have been systematically inciting fear and hysteria. This is because we also need to understand that the state, as it is unfortunately for us and many other nations today, is not built on rational and people-friendly foundations - it is built on fear. Its argument is that the regime protects us from internal and external enemies. And this argument is, in essence, correct that it should be so, only the enemies are assigned completely differently, not the one that really threatens the existence of the nation. Today, regimes around the world are trying to seize power by appealing that without them, people will be unable to live or cope with the 'terrible' virus.

When this affair began, many politicians were faced with a choice. At the time, nothing was known about what could end all this, except for a few consecrated affair architects. But ordinary politicians do not already know that if they had chosen not to react, they would have been responsible for the crisis and its timely prevention, which means saying goodbye to power. So, quite naturally, it seemed better to almost everyone to exaggerate the dangers, but to be sure that it would not harm their political careers - that is the very trivial reason why everyone tried to fill this globalist affair with a very predictable reaction. Because it can always be said that nothing happened because there were these prohibitions, but if it were not…

It is like the sacrifices of the ancient Aztecs in honor of the sun-god - if not for them, then the eclipse would never end. In turn, the consequences of all these curfews and other bans are long-lasting enough to not be directly linked to politicians and their decisions - stress, unemployment, canceled medical care, lower living standards - all of which will kill people much more than a fictional virus. But not immediately. It will all be sometime, maybe after the next election. Or, when people understand this and demand responsibility, the politician will already be successfully removed from office, and thus his responsibility in 'democracy' will end.

All these factors are also in favor of the fact that practically any politician and responsible person will always choose to fall into hysteria rather than announcing that there is nothing special here. But in order to justify the seizure of power, it is necessary to cultivate fear. However, society cannot sit still all the time and somehow the economy has to work. So how do you continue to sow fear while returning to some routine?

This was the beginning of the second phase - the state as a savior through evacuation. It organizes it for free and acts as a messiah, offering the opportunity to emerge from a self-created arcade. In this way, the fear of the 'virus' can be maintained at the same time. And, of course, such a campaign must reach the majority of the population, otherwise the setting does not stick together. Then the state cannot market the vaccination campaign as a bailout if most of it refuses. But if it works, the state has set a precedent, seized more power and made most people completely dependent on it. They will believe that the regime has saved them and will be ready to give even more or even all the remaining freedoms to the state in gratitude. This is followed by a show of complete submission to the regime with each subsequent pot, new variant, disease or crisis that has nothing to do with this, but something else - there is a green affair on the horizon. Here, too, people will have to do unimaginable things and believe in science, regime and do what it takes. This is just warming up. Therefore, for the country, the whole event is the same as an army training, which trains citizens to be obedient to the screws of the system, and that is where all the meaning lies.

Well, the media - they are very closely related to the regime. Such cooperation has been around for a very long time - back in 1928, the father of propaganda, Edward Bernays, in his book of the same name "Propaganda" suggested all the methods of influencing society and intelligently manipulating it. The direct task of the mass media here is to construct public support some of them are directly controlled by the regimes - they are state television, others are tightly controlled by regulators, which are in fact the same censorship - various named offices that monitors the regime's propaganda in the media and punishes them if anything is there. Not said so. That is why the media is licensed. In times of crisis, these media also tend to have greater access to information, but sowing fear also provides them with a larger audience. All this time, information is one-sided, biased and psychological violence to the emotional state of society.

The story that the regime saves can also sell well. In this way, the hand is washed here and everyone involved has the same interests.
The last element remains - supranational institutions. They are the most active in pushing for global injections - the Davos Forum, the UN, the EU, the IMF, the WHO, the Vatican and many others - they are all closely linked. Their common goal is the Great Reset, or the Great Transformation. In other words, the same new world order that cannot be realized in the same way, saying that it will now be. Until then, we need to get there gradually and get people used to the idea that this is the only way to solve global problems - not just epidemics, but also saving the planet, walking nations or starving. And if such problems do not really exist or may not exist at all, then they must be created and people must be told that this is the only solution if national institutions are abandoned and everyone unites in some huge global formation.

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This is the so-called 'global management' and is of great interest to all global corporations, which therefore also fund this project. For them, this false crisis is exactly what it takes to finally realize these plans, which is why countless scenarios and agendas have already been written on how this will be done - this cowboy is a 'turning point' in history and is being presented everywhere. It is a fundamental planetary reform, and even in it, vaccination is one of the basic elements - precisely because it trains an obedient citizen with a bar code, because that is the only way to enter the 'new world'.

However, this campaign will be followed by the next ones - global vaccination institutions, logistics chains and everything else are being set up - and this is not just being done for this one plan - it will also be used for future crises. Well, it's all simple and straightforward enough, without any 'chips' and 'conspiracies' and 'flat lands' - of course, what a fool it is, it will remain so. But everyone else would have time to understand what this grand machination is and where the course of the regime is. And just don't go there.