A recent scandal over the involvement of US Chief Dr. Fauchi and the NIAID organization led by him in Chinese biological research. But his list of dark works also includes cruel animal experiments in the United States.

There is still a lot of debate and heated talk on the subject of Wuhan in the US between Faux and Congress, but he is still in his position as a top-paid civil servant across the country, despite the fact that US taxpayers' money actually funded the same Wuhan laboratory. which the virus may have broken, if any

Now other bad things have been revealed by the institute headed by this doctor. The White Coat Waste project revealed that half of the 6 billion budget available to Fauci was used for animal experiments. In addition, some of them are completely absurd and cruel, such as infecting dogs with parasite flies.

$ 424,455 thousand was spent on this experiment, which was given to the University of Georgia, which also did it. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that healthy dogs were given experimental medicine during the experiment, but were then infected with flies that carry disease-causing parasites. Moreover, such experiments have been performed before and there was no need to repeat such a cruel experiment again. The documents specifically state that the animals are masked in pain. For three months, they were subjected to this torment, during which time an infection developed and then they were killed. The experiment started in November 2020.

Justin Goodman, White Coat Waste Vice President: It's not just Wuhan. Fauch's budget is inflated to $ 6 billion a year and paid for by taxpayers, but at least half of it is spent on such animal experiments, which are deadly, cruel and completely unnecessary. Fauchs must be held responsible for this huge waste and cruelty, both outside the country and here at home.

The group has launched a petition for greater transparency in the use of taxpayers' money and, in particular, in animal experiments. Now this topic or another scandal has been heard in the big media, there was a story and discussion about it on the Fox channel as well. The only question is, are Fauci so inviolable that none of it can affect his warm spot?