The corrupt CDC agency is currently doing something that gives some idea of ​​their future plans. They are currently secretly compiling a list of unaccompanied children in the United States. Why is this necessary?

Officially known as the 'National Immunization Registry,' the CDC works with the University of Chicago to call families across the United States to find out if children between the ages of 6 months and 17 live there and if they have been vaccinated against China. virus.

The website states that when children of that age can be identified, their injection status is sought from local health services. And of course, their main goal is to squirt all the children. What does all this mean? The CDC's plans already include so-called green areas, where they plan to isolate unvaccinated people. These will be heavily guarded concentration nominees, which are quite cynically said to provide minimum humanitarian standards. Then this would be just a logical step, first make lists and then take away these children on the basis of zināt know for yourself what.

There is only one small step left until the outbreak of total Nazism and forced medical experiments, as it once was. And if it seems like something unbelievable or another conspiracy, then it can all be read in the CDC's own report on these camps, which acknowledges that such actions by robbing children from families will cause enormous mental trauma.

"In addition to the risk of stigmatization and feelings of isolation, this separation approach can have significant psychological effects and can lead to significant psychological stress, exacerbate existing mental illness or cause depression, helplessness, suicidal thoughts among those who are separated."

How else could it be? It sounds like some kind of horror movie, but the CDC is talking about it openly - it will all be there, but it will not be allowed to leave the camp either. Moreover, there are plans to carry out another experiment - this is called the Stanford Prison Experiment. It gives some prisoners the power to impose rules over others. And so it is written in this document.

You will need a reliable state to monitor each green area. This includes monitoring compliance with protocols and the serious side effects of isolation. It may be necessary to involve prisoners themselves to monitor the movement.

This is exactly the same description as it was in the nomenclature of Nazi concentration. And it is readable in public. Of course, it must be remembered that many Americans have weapons in their homes, and if the process described by the CDC really begins there, the consequences will be indescribable.

It is likely that the Baiden administration must first have its arms removed so that this plan can begin to materialize, and it will be very difficult to do so in Republican states, where there is already open resistance in many places. Anyway, the plan is there and you can get acquainted with it - although it is also the case for other regimes, not only in the USA.