The next surprise awaits the many millions who have fallen on a global affair and believed in the common concern of the authorities and the farm for their health. Monthly injection tests begin.

Of course, this is a surprise only for those who are not interested in how the Pharmaceutical industry works, but only buy pills and inject everything it says. Maybe it's no surprise to them either, and they will accept it as calmly as all the actions so far.

But the Farm Cartel does what it always does. Now it has found a new way to hunt people who already have various chronic ailments. One part of the affair was to convince them that these conditions and pre-existing ailments were covids, then an injection was developed and applied. And now comes the next phase - Farma has invented a new concept called 'kovid long hauler'. It combines all these ailments and problems under one roof and offers its own solution - even more injections.

Under this strategy, it does not matter what the true root of each disease is. Those who suffer from chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, arthritis, loss of consciousness, loss of energy and everything else are now referred to as 'long-term fighters'. , only goes away for a while.

In addition to all this, the consequences of a year and a half of hysteria, isolation, stress, fear, for many the situation has worsened immediately after incomprehensible treatment protocols with strong chemicals and lung ventilators. It is a whole set of injuries that a person already had and that he has received as a result of the treatment against 'kovid' with which it was all described. And now all this is called chronic cowardice. So where can you go even further in complete stupidity?

But you can. A British study shows that more than a million people there already suffer from such problems immediately after the 'recovery' from the virus. But that doesn't tell you how many of these problems they had before treatment and what they got out of it - the hysteria collected during the whole hysteria appears here, when nothing was normally diagnosed, because only kovid tests were performed and nothing else existed at all.

Of course, so-called traditional medicine is already rarely able to determine the true causes of a disease. And how can they at all assess the consequences of archery and stress and the damage caused by the atmosphere of constant fear? Nothing can be done - that is why this new term has been introduced, under which all this is being pushed. And now British science lights want to call this whole set the chronic effects of kovid and offer to treat it all with even more vaccines.

Therefore, a new clinical study has been launched in which 40 such chronic 'kovid patients' will receive several additional injections. A British press article on the subject also notes that the Lancet magazine has already published a study showing that more than half of the surveys of more than 900 such newly invented chronic patients initially improved after the first and second injections, but the effect was short-lived.

In other words, the logic of the Farm is that in that case you have to spray even more often and why not every month? And there are already 15 pounds in the pot that it costs, apparently that the country will no longer pay for this monthly vaccine.

Gradually, people are attuned to the real intentions of the Pharma giants - drug dealers give the first doses for free, put people on drug addiction and then they buy the substances themselves. The farm can start harvesting its large meadows and crops - marketing injections against the scourge of previous injections, which will further ruin people's health and so on - is a direct path to the liquidation of society.

And the most tragic thing about it all is that these people will continue to believe to the grave that they are sick and not understand how Farma hides its misery with even more toxic drugs.