As might be expected, Chinese scientists were the first to reach such a conclusion. If the virus, arcade technology and the social credit system started there, then why shouldn't China be a pioneer in this regard as well.

And so a Chinese study found that the antibodies produced by their Sinovac product disappeared below the required level of effectiveness after as little as 6 months, and this happens in most injected organisms. It appears in a report published on Sunday that examined blood samples from people aged 18-59. All of them had received both doses 2 or 4 weeks apart, but only 16.9% in the first group and 35.2% in the second group still had neutralizing antibody levels that the researchers could detect and consider sufficient for protection against television. Researchers are not sure how this reduction in antibodies will affect the effectiveness of the vaccine, as the exact amount of antibody needed for the vaccine to prevent the disease has not yet been determined.

Consequently, the study acknowledges that vaccination with at least this vaccine and both doses is only a short-term or, at best, medium-term solution. A regular replenishment will be needed in the future. In principle, we will be able to observe exactly the same with regard to other injections. Indonesia and Thailand have already committed to a third pot for those injected with Sinovac, and the third pot will be Moderna or Pfizer, which is an even bigger experiment by mixing it all together. Of course, when the terrible hysteria of Delta prevails in the media, all the means are quite good. A third vaccine has also been launched in Turkey for those who have received Sinovac. This injection was produced in more than a billion units and is a major tool in countries such as China, Brazil, Indonesia and Chile.

The study also states that those who received the third dose of Sinovac showed 3 to 5 times more antibodies after 28 days than they did in the same period after the second dose. Of course, there are still other letters of the Greek alphabet and subsequent epidemics, so regular squirting and the emergence of new injections on the market is only a matter of time.