So what kind of devastation are the new miracle cures really doing? If we look at different systems, like Eudravigilance, it is one statistic and it is also quite terrible.

However, there are other sources and they claim that this is also nothing. What about 300 thousand reports of side effects in Moderna alone?

In addition, this has only happened in the 3 months since the vaccine was launched. Such information comes from an internal report of a company, which helps Moderna to organize their documentation. And these numbers are quite different from those published openly in government systems, like the same VAERS. In general, vaccine companies are obliged to post all the reports of side effects they receive in these systems - but why there is such a difference can only be mentioned at the moment. Maybe Moderna is still processing these messages, but maybe there are so many of them that they don't plan to post them at all. Neither Moderna nor the company in question, IQVIA, comments on this question and does not reply to the e-mails.

Where does this number come from? It comes from this IQVIA internal report - it is a little-known but huge company that deals with the organization and documentation of clinical trials. Yes, there is such a business in the pharmaceutical industry. It is headquartered in North Carolina, USA and has 74,000 employees worldwide. Sales last year amounted to 11 billion. But it is likely that only a few have heard of such a company.

This week, Richard Staub, head of the company's Development Department, sent a report for the second quarter of this year, which was intended for internal use only. But the independent researchers received screenshots of this report and thus the relevant data - it does not mention exactly which of these 300 thousand side effects have occurred in 3 months, but it does mention the 'global vaccination launch' that took place in the first quarter of this year. Whether it is January-March or April-June, these numbers are grandiose and the VAERS system data in front of them turns out to be much smaller. There were only 110,500 reports of Spikevax or Moderna vaccine from January to March, and 78,000 from April to June. As we can see, in one of these periods, according to this ‘insider’ info, it should have been 300,000.

Meanwhile, the value of Modern shares has increased 4 times and it announced a profit of 2.8 billion in the second quarter of this year. But at the same VAERS, 3,000 deaths have been reported after this vaccine. How much is it then?