This conspiracy theory is quite familiar. Every time a major epidemic afflicts the world similar theories have come up. The argument is that vaccines are a multi-billion dollar business and pharmacy companies use epidemic scare to mint money. Zika, Ebola, Bird and Swine flues - epidemics of new diseases caused by very dangerous viruses that are destructive to the human body are all being created by scientists not by accident, but in fact science knows about these microscopic killers very well. 

This idea, and similar ideas concerning Ebola, has since been promoted by persons such as actor Steven Seagal, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and former South Africa President Thabo Mbeki. Similar conspiracy theories allege that pharmaceutical companies assist in the creation of conditions and diseases including ADHD, HSV and HPV. 

Also Big Pharma conspiracy theorists are bizarrely pointing the finger at the medical giants for causing the outbreaks of recent viruses. Many individuals who shared their two pence on the issue make wild charges that pharma companies created the corona virus and caused the epidemic scare. They also point to the surge in the stock prices of Chinese pharmaceutical giants following the outbreak of the virus. 

Some conspiracy theorists even climes that the recent Corona Virus is a "strange construct", and has been artificially created, and that US intelligence agencies or American pharmaceutical companies are behind it. The Channel One correspondent then quotes online conspiracy theories that the novel coronavirus strain affects only Asians and could be some kind of "ethnic bioweapon", official theory being that the corona virus, named after its shape, mutated in snakes and then transmitted to animals. Official version claims tha the humans might have contracted the virus at the seafood market where a variety of live animals including foxes, pigs and bats are sold. Strange it did not happened for millenia but at the eve of China - U.S. trade wars. 

There is a lab set up in 2018 to carry out research against dangerous pathogens like SARS and Ebola. Chinese points fingers at a Nature magazine report that year, which cited a US expert as saying that a virus could potentially escape from the lab. They say that the Wuhan seafood and meat market is just 20 miles from the lab, insinuating that lab animals injected with the virus could have escaped and led to the mutation of the virus. Could that expert be giving a polite warning to China? Could he knew something more about it? 

The most bizarre among the conspiracy theories is probably the charge that Microsoft founder Bill Gates hatched a plot to spread the pandemic. This outlandish claim is spread by the pro-Trump QAnon movement and the anti-vaccine advocates. QAnon is a far-right conspiracy movement that believes that the 'deep state' is hatching a secret plot against US President Donald Trump. 

Jordan Sather, YouTuber and A QAnon member, spread this theory, saying the corona virus outbreak was planned. For credence, the theory cites a patent filed by UK's Pirbright Institute in 2015, which covers the development of a weakened form of a corona virus. Another theory that has gone way too far is that the outbreak was predicted centuries ago. As always, the innocuous story is attributed to Nostradamus. The theorists say that the storied French clairvoyant had predicted the outbreak in China. 

This is the prediction attributed to Nostradamus that the exponents of this theory cite. "The great plague of the maritime city will not cease until there be avenged the death of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime, of the great lady outraged by pretense." Anyways, the facts are the facts: There is an illusion that epidemics are a consequence of poor social conditions, but in reality the opposite is true. In the period from 1940 to 2004, a total of about 300 infectious diseases appeared or returned from oblivion. Moreover, they are recorded in the latitudes where most countries with a flourishing economy are located, and not in the deep Amazon jungle. Among them: HIV, West Nile Fever, SARS (we include here all three coronaviruses, 2003, 2012 and 2019 spill), Ebola, Zika. At the same time, we did not defeat tuberculosis, malaria and cholera, and the anti-vaccination movement brought measles back to life, followed by polio, for example. In the United States, from 1980 to 2000, the number of deaths from infections increased by 60%. Here the contribution of HIV is great, but if you put it outside the brackets, this indicator is still impressive: 22%. 

And the worst news is that so trusted WHO is no longer what it used to be. At one point, by cut funding, the organization began to take action from private investors, making organization a corrupt partner in Big Pharma scheme. For example, in 2014, during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, WHO hesitated with a statement about the epidemic situation, because investors were afraid of problems with the development of local deposits? And one of the largest sponsors of WHO, the Gates Foundation, insists that the organization should devote more resources to the complete eradication of malaria, and not to combat other global health problems. This, of course, is a good wish, but, you see, it’s somehow wrong that the will of Mr. and Mrs. Microsoft turns out to be higher than the position of experts who recommend a containment policy for the same malaria (it’s cheaper and more effective). In fairness, the Gates Foundation is one of the main sponsors of private projects for the development of universal flu vaccines, which testing led to death of 300,000.


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