To the most dedicated conspiracy theorists, none of these plots on their own is sufficient to explain the sustained malevolence of the world in which we live. Instead, each one is a manifestation of what Rational Wiki describes as “an interlocking hierarchy of conspiracies”, in which all the world’s events are controlled by a single evil entity. It is a complex and self-reflexive premise: if it is correct, then it must be the case that awareness of the Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory is itself a part of the conspirators plan – and so, of course, is this list. 

Together with their first cousins, fake news, they are challenging society’s trust in facts. At its most toxic, this contagion poses a profound threat to democracy by damaging its bedrock: a shared commitment to truth. The trigger for conspiracy theory often works out as something audio-visually attractive showcasing alternative not standard view-point of widely accepted facts spread out by widely accepted mass media. As example of such situation can be shown a cartoon created by Louis Lefebvre who began production on I, Pet Goat II in 2006. 

By 2008, he had established his studio, Heliofant, in Montreal, Quebec, employing various 3D animators, and the Tanuki Project who scored the film. "I, Pet Goat II" is a computer-animated video loaded with subtle messages and variable symbols. While the film does without dialogue, each scene tells a piece of a story covering history, politics, occult conspiracies and spirituality. Cartoon displays various scenes from our recent history like fire in Notre Dame De Paris, Crash of Twin Towers ending very high quality and interesting cartoon with a burning Jesus floating away in boat between ice aged surroundings. 

Those who manipulate humanity are trying their power over: To scoop lies, tricks, false-flagged attacks and mind poisoning from people. They fear nothing more than the light of the world (the truth). They gain their power by controlling the money. 

An extraordinary representation of hidden truths that everyone can see when he is ready to see them no longer. Worrying part of In the I, Pet Goat II is a depiction of real events that are to come to pass, and assuming that these events are in chronological order, then the only scene left is an important one and takes place at the Giza pyramids. The sun is casting off halos of light, and meteors are shooting from the sky. The pyramids are surrounded by water and what looks to be snow and ice is all around. The sun's odd behavior as well as the flooding and ice remind me of grand solar minimum. The books of Matthew, Mark, and Isaiah describe the sun being darkened and the stars falling from heaven. The meteor then hits the largest of the 3 pyramids, but they all disintegrate. Kind of reminds me of 2 planes, 3 towers. Conspiracy theory about this believes that this cartoon I, Pet Goat II shows that we are at war right now on a spiritual level but there is a vast knowledge that is hidden from us. 

We must fight or humanity will struggle to recover. Where are you finding your information? God and Truth is not ruled by the Pentagon. Search for it! Still - are the pyramids next on the list of ancient machines to be destroyed? At the Superbowl 2019 half time show in Mercedes Stadium Atlanta to see the asteroids impacting the three pyramids (which are displayed on the front of the stadium in red), the fireballs descend from the sky onto the stage and the performers are then illuminated. 

Some people claim it's a part of the overall ritual. The global elite are occultists and believe they are gaining power (enlightenment) from conducting these nefarious rituals. 

So facts against news, aim for understanding the world around us, mistrust in governments and elites makes conspiracy theories appearing as a parallel of growing mistrust.


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