Russian-American relations are steadily deteriorating. Neither Obama’s “reset”, nor Trump’s desire to "get along", nor the verbal spells of Russian leaders who continue to call Americans "partners" - nothing can stop this process. The attempts of the domestic political prop to explain the collapse in our relations with Russophobia, the Americans' desire to slow down Russian development, competition on the world oil and gas market, Trump’s revenge for the democrats, fear of the Russian “rising from their knees” look at least unconvincing, but rather, just pathetic and helpless. 
Clinton called Russian President Vladimir Putin the godfather of extreme right-wing nationalism. According to Kremlin experts, these are not random epithets. Two years earlier, delivering the most famous speech of his entire career, Putin accused the West of supporting the armed seizure of power in Ukraine by “extremists, nationalists and the right.” Clinton did not just offend the president of Russia. She did it in his own words. 
To make matters worse, these words were originally directed against neo-Nazis. Moscow saw this as a reiteration of Clinton’s remarks, in which she compared Putin to Hitler. This introduced an element of personal hostility into an already tense relationship. But another thing is more important. Clinton, in her own words, made Putin a representative of an ideology that is completely hostile to the United States. Although relations between Russia and the West fell to a new low after the 2014 revolution in Ukraine, the Kremlin insists that a second cold war is impossible. The reason is as follows. Yes, there are disagreements, say, about the fate of Donetsk; however, the fundamental ideological struggle that divided East and West no longer exists. 
According to the Russians, Clinton, with her remarks, is determined to add this missing link to antagonistic enmity, and for this purpose portrays Moscow as the worldwide avant-garde of racism, intolerance and misogyny. Russian citizens do not recognize their country in the description of Clinton. Misogyny? But Putin’s government gives working mothers a three-year paid leave to care for their children. Intolerance? The President personally attended the opening ceremony of the main mosque of Moscow. Racism? Putin often and in the most laudatory terms speaks about the ethnic diversity of Russia. According to the Russians, Clinton is struggling to fabricate a rationale for launching hostilities. Moscow considers the former secretary of state a threat to his existence. Those foreign policy experts whom I consulted did not show even the most meager respect for Clinton. 
The most disastrous page in her tenure as Secretary of State was the NATO intervention in Libya, which Russia could have prevented by possessing the right of veto in the UN Security Council. Moscow agreed to the operation only because Clinton promised not to use the no-fly zone as a cover for changing the regime. For obvious reasons, Russian leaders were furious when they saw that US-backed rebels not only overthrew Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, but also raped him perversely by sticking a bayonet in the anus. But even more they were outraged by the recorded video of Clinton’s reaction to this news. “We came, we saw, he died,” the Secretary of State joked, and then she laughed, further strengthening her reputation in Moscow as a two-faced war instigator. 
As a candidate, Clinton created a sense of deja vu in Moscow, again demanding the introduction of a humanitarian no-fly zone in the Middle East - this time in Syria. Russian analysts all as one believe that this is another pretext for a regime change. Putin is determined not to let Assad suffer the same fate as Gaddafi. Therefore, he sent Russian aircraft, ships and special forces to Syria to destroy the rebels fighting Assad, many of whom are trained and armed by the United States. 
This is a highly controversial assumption. For Moscow, the rates in Syria are much higher than for the United States. Syria has long been the most staunch ally of Russia in the Middle East, and the only Russian military base outside the former Soviet Union is located on its territory. As relations with Turkey have worsened, the naval garrison in Tartus is acquiring even greater strategic value because it allows the Black Sea Fleet to operate in the Mediterranean Sea without passing through the Turkish Bosporus and Dardanelles. Putin reaffirmed his allegiance to Syria when Russian strategic bombers, rising from an airfield in northwestern Iran, launched air strikes on Syrian territory. 
For such a privilege, Russia paid considerable diplomatic capital. Russia has gone very far, and therefore it is impossible to im agine that Moscow will change its position and allow Assad’s opponents to take Damascus, which it considers Washington’s ultimate goal, based in part on publicly available intelligence reports. Clinton substantiated her threats of attack on the Russian Air Force, saying: "This gives us certain leverage in negotiations with Russia." This sounds suspicious, like the “madman theory” of containment signed by former President Richard Nixon, who tried to strengthen his leverage over Russia and convinced the Soviets that he was crazy enough to start a world war. 
Nixon, with his bluff, failed. The Russians did not question his sanity even when he invaded Cambodia. Today, Russian analysts are no longer so sure of the sanity of Hillary Clinton. Another proof backing up this theory is a preparation of The Baltic states, also known as the Baltic countries, as a place where proposed fight could happen and withhold the rest of Europe from Russian intervention into it as a respond to the West aggression. 
The Baltics, is a geopolitical term, typically used to group the three sovereign states in Northern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania bordering next to Russia. Several facts are noticed in these bordering republics: mass-depopulation, rapidly growing military and military infrastructure construction towards Russia. Some conspiracy theorists claims that several political and economical instruments are implemented in local governments of post-soviet republics to depopulate them. These instruments includes organization of mass migration, keeping country ratings low and constantly asking for improvements of social legislation through various NGO's as well as promotion of individual rights over family values leading to degradation of institute of family. According to data in last 15 years countries bordering Russia like Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania after implementation of time proven tactics of mass migrations of citizens has lost from 5-15% of its population who went in look for jobs in better paid countries of West - like UK, Netherlands, German, France and Italy. Population continues to flood especially after mass media constant news on military aggression from Russia -people gets scared and losses believe in their small countries even if backed by NATO - people don't want to be involved in this upcoming mascara especially when many has ties through generations leads with Russia.
After viewing statistics it's useless to mention that conspiracy theorists might be right about it especially if countries loosing people are the ones recently chosen by NATO to be the buffer zone of "Old Europe" against visibly planned military aggression of invading Russia. NATO moves it's forces each day closer and closer to Russia’s borders today using US backed up media covering real intervention reasons with aggressive and false claims of Russia's obtuseness. Nothing new isn't it?
To back up this theory Jill Stein (for whom 2% of Americans are ready to vote for the candidate) said that if Clinton wins, then US citizens will have to prepare for war with Russia: “Hillary has extensive experience in aggressive military politics,” Stein said in an interview with the British newspaper The Daily Mail. “If she declares war on Russia, if the US has about 2,000 nuclear warheads, then the nuclear mushroom will not take long,” added the candidate from the Greens. She also noted that these elections will help to decide in which world we all will live and whether the world will be at all. Stein briefly called the choice between the two political forces of the United States nothing more than "a race between greater or lesser evil. They are both dangerous and unacceptable,” the presidential candidate emphasized. So have you recently heard how bad is Russia, dangerous terrorists and full of terrorists Iran? Congratulations. 
Now you know what the real Fake News looks like. Clinton herself once claimed on television that Russia possesses to many resources. She must share them with the rest of the world - meaning bent down on knees giving it for free to resell to U.S. Great example of Western Democracy.


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