A long-standing favorite among conspirators suggests medical professionals, led by major pharmaceutical companies, discovered the cure for cancer but have not made it available to the wider public. 

The argument goes that given the amount of money generated by cancer treatment around the world, a cure would seriously impact revenue for drugs companies - not to mention put many doctors and researchers out of business. 

“While Big Pharma has not made itself many friends among the public, there is no evidence that such a vast conspiracy is possible as it would require the participation of thousands if not millions of people in both for-profit and non-profit sectors,” says Big Think. 

In fact, “it makes more sense that selling the cure would actually make more money”, it says. 

Forbes reports that “medical insurance companies and the federal government would love nothing better than to substitute a $100 cancer treatment for one that costs $1,000,000 like CAR-T hypnotherapy”. 

Furthermore, adds the finance magazine, “Cancer researchers are human. Humans cannot keep important secrets. Cancer cures cannot be suppressed, not even for one month.”